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AEC 509

The concepts of project planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation or appraisal, etc; types of project plans and formats; considerations in project preparation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation: the logical framework for project planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, including the use of decision trees and social prices in project planning and analysis (focusing on the usefulness of project feasibility studies, steps in project design and project analysis, and the application of such measures as parity prices and domestic resource cost ratios in the evaluation of investments in research and development (R&D) in agriculture); the project cycle and project funding; financial and economic aspects of project analysis (focusing on market prices, social objectives and the notion of accounting prices, economic values, and valuation of intangible costs and benefits); considerations in agricultural project analysis (identification of costs and benefits, focusing on direct and indirect costs and benefits and measurement problems and accuracy); general principles of project appraisal (focusing on measures of project worth and the criteria for project selection); comparing project costs and benefits (focusing on undiscounted measures and discounted measures); cash flow analysis (focusing on payback period, benefit-cost analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis, net present value, and internal rate of return); project evaluation under uncertainty (focusing on forms of uncertainty, sensitivity analysis, and contingency allowance); project impact assessment, including environmental impact assessment (focusing on participatory impact assessment and measurement/estimate of returns to investment, especially to R&D in agriculture); guidelines for project preparation and evaluation.

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