Rural Sociology and Community Development

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AEX 308

What is sociology? Sociology and Agricultural sciences; Rural sociology and Agricultural Extension; Basic sociology concepts [social groups, social status and roles social norms]; social stratification and leadership; Agricultural Development Approaches [Individual, Group and saturation approaches]; sociological approach to Agricultural technologies; society and change, sociology of Development in Rural Kenya; Factors of Behaviour; Peasant Societies; Modern change in customary society; organization and groups; Subsistence Agriculture and Agricultural Norms, Ethnicity, class, and National Paradigms[group identity, Exploitation and social control, segregation by geography or function].

Basic sociology concepts and principles as applied to life in the rural communities and social systems. Special attention given to culture; social groups, organization, institutions, and related social processes; and social change in rural societies. Diffusion/ adoption processes. Gender as a social relation and the social construction of gender. People in Ecosystems[Human ecology] theories of human/ habitat interaction up to 1990s; Application of Cultural Ecological method; Ethnoecological Approach; Ecosystemic Relationships; social / Cultural regulatory, Adjustments; Human Physiological Response; information and decision; New Direction in Human Adaptability Research; Urban Ecology. Definitions, The need for community Development in Developing Countries[Theoretical conceptions and Historical backgrounds], assumptions and differences between community Development and other professional fields, Community Development Methodologies, Factors influencing performance of community development workers, Case studies of the practice of community Development in Africa, Models of community development. Evolution of Rural Sociology in Kenya, Rural Sociology links with Extension; Community and Rural Development; Conceptualization of community and types of Rural communities; local Institutions and leadership; Extension theory, aims, purposes and communication; Application of sociological theories in Agricultural Extension[Functionalism, conflict, Exchange systems and methods in Kenya, Rural/Urban migration, Influence of urbanization on rural communities, Industrialization in developing countries.

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