Communication Skills

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EB 104 (CCS 001)

Communication skills include library skills, study skills, read and note making skills, interpreting tables, graphs etc. Listening and note taking skills, writing skills. The following are also specified.

a) Meaning of the term technical reporting. Function of reports. Informal formal reports. Principles of technical writing: Documenting sources. Development and writing of research reports and project reports. Developing and writing periodic reports, evaluating reports and manuals. Techniques of technical writing. Phase in report writing. Writing research papers. Oral reporting. Legal aspects of writing and publishing. Editing technical reports and publications.

b) Skills in reading writing speaking listening presentation, writing of essays, Technical writing and reporting.

c) Assessing change variables in villages; Development and delivery of science based information.

The new way; Application from diffusion Research; problems in the linking systems; Interpersonal Communication; mass media channel as communication Assists; planning communication with small and mass audiences, selecting change strategies. The role of media in instruction. The attribute of material commonly used in teaching agriculture including agriculture including real objects, graphics projected and non-projected visual, audio materials, films, video, and television. Media production and operation of equipment for effective presentation. Systematic planning for selection and use of instructional media initiation and management of learning resources centres. Gender and the media.

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