PhD Research Proposal Review Meeting – Thursday 28/11/2019, 9.00AM -12.00 Noon

November 28, 1:13 pm

Faculty of Agriculture Boardroom


Faculty of Agriculture Boardroom

The following PhD student turned up for the Proposal Review Meeting

1. Mr. Emmanuel Wamboka Toili (Dept of Agric Economics) - Title of Proposal: “Analysis of content of Newspapers reports on food safety and its influence on food consumption in Kenya: Case study of Dation and The Standard from 2009-2018”. Supervisors: Dr. Evans L. Chimoita (Dept of Agric. Economics), Prof. Philip Nyaga (Dept Vet. Path, Microbiol & Parasitology), Prof. John Mburu (Dept of Agric. Economics) - 9.00 AM

2. Mr. Charles Mannara (Dept of FSN&T) - Title of Proposal: “Effectiveness of County-Based Food Safety and Quality Guidelines in Management of Aflatoxin in Maize Based School Foods in Kenya: Case for Turkana County”. Supervisors: Prof. J. K. Imungi (Dept of FSN&T), Dr. Lucy G. Njue (Dept of FSN&T), Dr. George O. Abong (Dept of FSN&T) - 10.00 AM

3. Mr. Irene Njeri Koima (Dept of PS&CP) - Title of Proposal: “Morphological and molecular characterization of major sorghum fungal pathogens in Lower Eastern Kenya”. Supervisors: Dr. Dora Kilalo (Dept of PS&CP), Dr. Evans Nyaboga (Dept of Biochemistry), Dr. Charles Orek (SEKU)) . - 11.00 AM

Event contact information

Prof. James W. Muthomi  Chairman, FPSC-Faculty of Agriculture