PhD Research Proposal Review Meeting – Thursday 13/02/2020, 9.00AM -12.00 Noon

FPSC meeting in session to review PhD proposals at the faculty of Agriculture Boardroom Chaired by Prof. James. W. Muthomi.

FPSC Members present are:

1. Prof. C. K. Gachene (LARMAT)

2. Prof. M. Okoth (PS&CP)

3. Dr. C. T. Omuto (EBE)

4. Dr. Oliver Wasonga (LARMAT)

5. Dr. C. Kunyanga (FSNT)

6. Dr. Rawlynce C. Bett (AP)

7. Dr. Dr R. Nyankanga (PS&CP)

8. Dr J. M. Nzuma (Agric Econ)

9. Dr. D. Miano (PS&CP)

10. Dr. D. Jakinda (Agric Econ)

11. Dr. J. Maina (AP)

 The following candidates presented their PhD proposal for review

1.  Mr. John Ndungu Ngángá (Dept of PS&CP) - Title of Proposal: “Influence of maize lethal necrosis disease on end use quality properties and safety of maize cultivars in Kenya”. - 9.00 AM

 2.  Ms. Mirriam Wanjiku Mbiyu (Dept of PS&CP) - Title of Proposal: “Pathogen diversity and factors that influence potato cyst nematode pathogenicity and potential of phytochemicals in their management”.  - 10.00 AM

3.    Ms. Rachael Kamene Maswili Kisilu (Dept of PS&CP) - Title of Proposal: “Breeding for drought tolerance in sorghum through genomic selection of single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) markers”.  - 11.00 AM