Career Day at Moi Girls Isinya

The Faculty of Agriculture took part in this year's Career Day at Moi Girls Isinya on 5th August 2023. The event was attended by all Students of Moi girls’ isinya including those who are preparing to sit for their KCSE exams in the course of the year. The career day was meant to expose the KCSE candidates to post-secondary learning opportunities available in Kenya after high school. The Academic Registrar Dr. Moses Wamalwa from The Technical University of Kenya was the Chief Guest.

Other universities and colleges which took part in the event included Kenyatta University, Zetech University, Mt. Kenya University, and Strathmore University and Masai technical institution college also spoke to the students on available opportunities for higher education in Kenya.

Speaking during Career Day, The Guest Speaker, Dr. Moses Wamalwa, from The Technical University of Kenya said that many students grapple with questions on the best career for them and its prospects for getting a job. “Many students do not know what they would like to do or what they will be doing after secondary school and higher education. What matters most is their ability to know themselves, their talents, their strengths and what they like to do most as well as the opportunities available in the labor market,” he said.

Dr Felister Nzuve from the Faculty of agriculture  University of Nairobi also spoke during the occasion and assured the students that choosing a career in agriculture is the way to go for a sustainable economy since Agriculture feeds the world, impacts economic development, and can help create a more sustainable, equitable economic system. She also took an opportunity during the event to market various programs offered at the faculty of agriculture.

 Moi Girls Students During  Career Day Talk
Planting a tree at Moi girls Isinya
Dr. Felister Nzuve and Pauline Oguyo  Planting a Tree at Moi Girls Isinya Compound