Faculty enrolls first year students

The University of Nairobi ushered in the next crop of students on Monday 19th September. The registration process was done on campus as students from various parts of the country and the world arrived to their various faculties. The faculty of Agriculture was not left out as we welcomed the new students at our Upper Kabete Campus. Most of the students were accompanied by  their parents, guardians and loved ones seemed eager to start learning and partake from the institution’s never- ending Fountain of knowledge. Over the years UoN has maintained a welcoming culture for its first-year students as this ensures the institution’s continued growth towards achieving its mission “to provide quality university education and training and to embody the aspirations of the Kenyan people and the global community through creation, preservation, integration, transmission and utilization of knowledge.”


We spoke to some of the joining students and they were very excited to be part of this great institution. Stephen Kimani who is a first-year student pursuing Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Economics shared his delight in joining the university, noting that it has always been his childhood dream to study at the University of Nairobi. Kimani stated that his biggest expectation during his stay at the University of Nairobi will be to acquire Knowledge in his respective field, and network with prospective employers as well as the Gurus in the field of Agricultural Economics. “I haven’t had time to discover the institution's surroundings yet as I’ve been so busy with the registration today, but I plan on learning more about the institution at the Orientation Day for first-year students  from 20th  September ’’, said Stephen who seemed excited to learn more about the institution. The young lad who hails from Muranga County also explained that he also wants to find out more about how the society works; as well as learn new cultures from his course mates. 


Another student Millicent Atieno who was enrolled for a Bachelor's degree in Plant Science and Crop protection shared the same sentiments as Stephen, saying she was overwhelmed with joy after joining the University of Nairobi. Explaining why she took a course in Agriculture, Millicent said she dreams of a world with food security and eradication of poverty and hunger issues in the world. 


The new students will be taken through an all-around orientation activity from 20th September 2022.