Partnering with the Food Security USA Diaspora Consortium to address challenges in food and water security in Kenya

On Wednesday October 4th, 2023, the Associate. Dean Faculty of Agriculture, Prof. Catherine Kunyanga hosted a visit by a team from the Food Security Consortium Diaspora, USA. The team consisted of Dr. Ignatius Kahiu and Eng. Dzombo Mbaru, both Alumnus of the University of Nairobi from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Engineering respectively.
Food Security Consortium is a Pan African platform in the Diaspora interested in promoting food and water security for sustainable food production and water management for irrigation focusing on bringing together the academia and the primary food produce; the small, medium as well as large farmer. The consortium plans to start the process of application for registration and demos on food and water security as a Kenyan chapter with the intentions of spreading throughout Africa in the very near future in partnership with University of Nairobi.