The University of Nairobi through the Department of Food Science, Nutrition and Technology (DFSNT) and the Department of Plant Science and Crop Protection (PSCP) in conjunction with Purdue University and support from Rockefeller Foundation conducted a training on key requirements for value addition of mangoes and other fruits and vegetables. The two days training that was help both online and at the UoN Hub focused on the hygienic handling and practices required during processing, actual processing of fruits and vegetables into consumable products such as pulp, jam, chutney, mango blended yoghurt, nectar, dried crisps and leather as well as storage of processed products. The need to assure food safety and quality of the product through judicious use of additives and the proper disposal of wastes to avoid attracting rodents and insects to the processing compound. The group was mainly composed of traders of horticultural fresh produce and had ventured into mango pulp production. The training was therefore administered to improve their knowledge and skills in product development. The University team was led by Prof. Jane Ambuko who is a post-harvest management expert, Dr. George Abong who is the current chairman of DFSNT and food safety and quality expert, Mr. Duke Gekonge who is a PhD student and product development expert and Mr. Emmanuel Amwoka who is an MSc student in post-harvest physiology.

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