Launch of the RAMP Initiative and screening of WRI’s Stories to Watch 2023

February 8, 8:00 am

Taifa Hall University of Nairobi


Taifa Hall University of Nairobi

This is to invite you to the launch of the Rapid Adaptation Mainstreaming Program (RAMP)  and screening of WRI's stories to watch 2023 on Wednesday 8th,  9:00 am at Taifa Hall. Increasingly, countries are facing economic, social, and environmental risks and damages due to climate change. These risks and damages are becoming, for many countries, “macro-critical”,

meaning that they will likely affect national and global fiscal balances, financial sector stability, trade flows, and sustainable development. The IMF considers issues “macro-critical” if they are
crucial to the achievement of macroeconomic and financial stability. Central ministries make important fiscal and financial policy decisions that fundamentally shape a country’s growth path. They allocate scarce budget resources across all sectors that need to strategically make climate-informed decisions, yet often do not have the support needed to do
so. They are asking for better data, models, and skills to fulfil these critical functions. Addressing this governmental capacity gap is urgent — and is necessary to systematically identify
needed investments and to mobilize climate finance. The Resilience and Adaptation Mainstreaming Program (RAMP) in Kenya, and across the region, helps build the capacity of
national governments of low- and middle-income countries to address the negative impacts of climate change. One unique feature of RAMP is that it works closely with local universities, like
the University of Nairobi, as well as with governments. By building capacity in universities through improved climate-related curriculum, teacher training, and applied research — and
involving university faculty in training government

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