Celebrating 50 Years of contribution to food and nutritional security for the region as a center for Academic Excellence Webinar

The Responsible Governance of Innovations for Food Security

The University of Nairobi is celebrating its 50 years of existence as the first university to be chartered in Kenya. This is to mark and celebrate the many achievements made during the period. The Faculty of Agriculture has been part of this journey and has contributed immensely to capacity development, research contribution and policy support for the country and the region. To celebrate the many achievements, the Food Security Centre at the Faculty of Agriculture will be hosting a series of webinars and interacting with stakeholders, staff and students in areas of food security and nutrition. The faculty would like to create the opportunity for experiences and opportunities sharing to the participants.

Join us as we discuss "The Responsible Governance of Innovations for Food Security” on 25th to 26th March, 2021 from 13.00pm to 17.00PM EAT.

Venue, Zoom Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZEvdeiupz4jHd2yef7C9nDhNezaQsReMcxi

The workshop aims to explore innovations and technologies to ensure and enhance food security and how their implementation can be governed responsibly, especially in light of two new policy initiatives in relation to the implementation of two technologies to address food security, namely of GM crops and antibiotics in livestock farming.